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We strive to make a lasting impact on our community, listed below are some of our upcoming events which you can also help in!

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Initiative such as helping the elderly and children in need express themselves through art, and charity auctions are some of our largest ongoing projects.

Art for Seniors

Art for Children in Need

Charity Art Auction

Bringing art teachers to senior homes to help show them the beauty of visual art and how they can do make it themselves as well.

Complimentary art classes at Falak Arts over the summer in order to allow those with disabilities or mental health problems to explore expression of themselves through visual arts.

Bringing together art pieces from donors to then be sold in order to bring in funds for future events, and donating all extra money to charities.


We are always looking for new volunteers! No matter how small or big the contribution you can make, we and those we help are grateful for your time and effort.

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